Derupeto Quartet consists of Deodato, Rubem, Peter and Tobias, four exciting musicians who complement each other and mix African, Brazilian, Swedish and American influences in their original music. The band was formed in 2015, when Gothenburg-based guitarist Tobias Grim put the members together for a gig at the club Glenn Miller in Stockholm. The mutual feeling afterwards was that they could create something unique together, drawing on the musicians’ different experiences and influences.

Derupeto has previously played at the Copenhagen Jazz Festival and also done many appreciated concerts in Sweden. The anticipated debut album was released through Nobel records on November 12, 2020. The music was recorded in Nobelstreet studios in Gothenburg and mixed by Åke Linton.

Tobias Grim

Born in Linköping, Sweden with a father and a brother playing guitar Tobias Grim started playing guitar at a young age. Starting out in rock and funk bands he later found his way into jazz through jazzfusion. Playing local jazzfestivals and gigs he developed as a musician. Tobias moved to London before coming back to music studies for 7 years ending at the university in Gothenburg. Playing guitar in different groups as a sideman and as a leader Tobias has toured and played music from around the world in different parts of the world.

Peter Knudsen

Peter Knudsen is a Swedish pianist & composer, born in Östersund. With four albums as a leader, his music ranges from jazz interpretations of 20th classical composers to original music for octet and big band. Peter has toured with his own groups in the Scandinavian countries, France and Brazil. Since 2010, Peter also teaches at the music academy of Örebro university.

Deodato Siqiur

Deodato Siquir was born in a musical family in 1975 Maputo – Mozambique.

Growing up in Maputo, he taught himself to play on a homemade drum set comprised of garbage bins and other improvised components, joining the first band Escolinha Vamos Brincar in 1988 .

By the age of 15 he was performing with professional orchestras. Siquir moved to Scandinavia at the age of 26 and established himself on the jazz and world music scene.

Rubem Farias

Rubem Farias is a Brazilian bass player born in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil.

One of the best and most respected bass players in Brazil currently living in Stockholm, Sweden. Rubem Farias has worked with several Brazilian artists, as well as international artists in different parts of the world. He has participated and performed several projects related to instrumental music and jazz and has participated in several tours around the world. He is recognized for his extraordinary skills and virtuosity in the music field and for his creativity as a composer and arranger.

“Derupeto plays like a band of brothers, evidenced by the superb music on this self-titled debut. Let’s hope Grim and group continue their collaboration for a sequel recording”

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